Publishing articles and thought leadership briefs is an ideal way to spark dialogue and idea exchange on key issues. While leading Claritas Consulting Group, Dr. Pam spearheaded the publication of various articles to keep the firm’s global clients up-to-date on current organization development issues. Here’s a look at a selection of those published articles/studies.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.41.36 PMLearning Beyond the Classroom: Producing Competitive Business Results

Dr. Pam contributed an essay, Culture and Strategy Should Meet For Breakfast, to this collection curated by the Executing Learning Exchange. The book can be purchased on Amazon and the essay can be found in the Strategy section of the book. All proceeds go to benefit RightStart4Kids, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Learn best practices from the Executive Learning Exchange’s powerful network of learning and talent development leaders. What’s so powerful? We focus on business results, plain and simple. This is our third printed collection of lessons learned focused on Learning Beyond the Classroom and presented as brief essays by the most talented learning and talent development thoughts leaders. Each essay provides real-world tips and techniques that are sure to deliver immediate inspiration and guidance on the type of continuous learning that leads to business results.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.05.48 AMRetention Returns: Insights for More Effective Diversity Initiatives (Download PDF)

Published by Claritas Consulting Group’s client, the Robert Toigo Foundation, Retention Returns provides financial service firms with insights regarding their diversity recruitment and retention efforts. Dr. Pam, founder of Claritas Consulting Group, participated in the survey development, execution, and analysis; the focus groups with survey participants to delve deeper into key issues; the development of the Retention Returns published report; and the sessions with financial service firms to review key findings. The thought leadership report highlights findings from a survey of 300 minority professionals and findings and implications of the Retention Returns survey were presented to executives at leading financial service firms.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.08.20 AMFPL Diversity Study (Download PDF)

While President of Claritas Consulting Group, Dr. Pam served as a contributing author to a study published by Ferguson Partners (FPL Advisory Group). This first of its kind study revealed both a pronounced insufficiency of opportunities for minorities in real estate as well as some encouraging details on successful diversity initiatives at a few forward-thinking real estate companies. A key finding within the report was that the real estate industry has a great deal of ground to cover in order to catch up with the movement towards workplace diversity that has mobilized corporate America over the past several years. Cushman & Wakefield, Inc., MacFarlane Partners and Pulte Homes, Inc. served as sponsors of the thought leadership initiative. FPL Advisory Group is a family of companies focused on providing corporate and managerial advisory services to the real estate, financial services and related industries.