When you’re in the business of driving performance with your internal or external clients, nothing matters more than how they perceive the value you’ve delivered. Throughout her career, Dr. Pam has taken a “Listen. Learn. Lead.” approach to help others excel. She approaches each challenge with the goal of providing solutions that will deliver a measurable difference.

Hear what others have said about Dr. Pam, while leading her former consulting firm, Claritas Consulting Group.

“Pam was a fantastic leader. She clearly articulated the areas that were deficient or that we needed to think about in a constructive manner. Her easy and positive demeanor kept the group moving forward and made the experience comfortable and open.”
- BlueCross BlueShield

“Emotional Intelligence training can be an uncomfortable and uphill battle for many—particularly for high achieving finance professionals. Claritas Consulting prompted me and others in the group to do some deep thinking about how people perceive each other, and how those perceptions impact workplace and social dynamics. I use the tools and learnings constantly—the session had a profound affect on the way I work, my interactions and, above all, my on the job performance.”
- Fidelity Investments

“It was eerie, but good. Pam knew me so well based on what seemed like limited information—a testament to the value of the instruments and to her preparation and insight… Although I felt pretty clear in my development needs, she helped to isolate some creative ways to communicate back to my manager, which was very helpful. While it will be a challenge, the overall feedback was very clear on what I need to do to improve myself as a leader. ”
- Mercer Consulting

“When Student Sponsorship South Africa (SSPSA) was examining its strategic mission and mapping out priorities, Claritas Consulting Group was our guide. From the big picture issues to the often difficult task of setting real and achievable goals, Claritas made a remarkable contribution to our efforts. The session ranks in my mind as the most successful the organization has experienced to date.”
- Student Sponsorship Programme of South Africa

“Our challenge was to evaluate the impact of our diversity recruiting efforts and get a more accurate pulse about the diversity climate on campus. The effort involved a number of teams—each, not surprisingly, with its own perspectives and strong opinions. Claritas Consulting helped us navigate the critical issues, identify and then rally around key success factors to achieve our on-campus diversity recruiting goals.”
- Yale School of Management

“Assessing the performance of nearly 20 different teams is challenging—and Claritas Consulting Group delivered. The work identified where gaps in leadership development, sensitivity to multicultural issues existed and provided us with a roadmap to address them strategically, ensuring all outreach efforts were being delivered at optimal levels.”
Hispanic Scholarship Fund

“Pam brings to a coaching situation a great mix of hard nosed questions (a legacy of her asset management experience) and empathy. She very quickly and correctly assessed the situation, asked insightful questions, gently and less gently prodded me to generate ideas and steps towards a solution.”
- Mercer Consulting

“Consultants can bring tremendous value to an organization—or they can fail miserably. Claritas is truly a standout. The firm’s approach is collaborative, not turnkey. They bring experience, insight and focus to every challenge and are willing to push organizations in new directions and achieve tremendous outcomes with out of the box thinking.”
- Robert Toigo Foundation