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Coach Thyself. What a strange concept. I have been trained to coach others to manage through change, transition and uncertainty. I know the models and frameworks. I know about the locus of control and how people become more concerned the less control and influence they have over a situation. I know the importance of being resilient. I have successfully helped countless others throughout my career.

As I prepare to embark on the next phase of my career into what I know will be a very bright future… I am taking time to honor the past and all that I have accomplished in my current role. I am focusing on living in the present to help those around me who can benefit from my expertise in managing through change and transition. And since many of the best learnings happen through experience, I intend to use this experience to expand my thinking to make me an even better thought leader, business leader and OD practice leader.

But since it is hard to coach thyself, I will also gladly accept any coaching that you have to offer. What has your experience been and what coaching advice do you have to offer?