Driving performance excellence in any organization is obviously a function of what happens at the team and individual levels. But there is another level…the enterprise level…that is equally as important. How is your organization’s culture helping or hindering achieving high performance? When enterprise-wide change happens, do people get energized or disengaged?

Organization Culture

Identifying core values and the type of corporate culture you want to create and sustain is a complex and critical process. It starts with identifying the values and cultural dimensions that align with and drive desired business outcomes and requires integrating values and culture into everything that you do.

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Organization Design

The way your organization is structured may be impeding your performance. Examine your organization structure and design to ensure that roles and responsibilities, as well as individual accountabilities are clear.

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Change Management

People thrive on the familiar, so when change is implemented, disruptions occur. Understanding the implications of key changes at the start—whether driven by technology, workforce reductions, a merger or acquisition or a needed reorganization—will help you avoid pitfalls at the finish.

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Talent Management

Talent is the engine that drives your organization. Although overused and cliché, the notion that “people are our most valuable resource” is true in most instances. Business processes (yes, business not HR) like succession planning, high potential identification and development, and a rigorous process of eliminating low and non-performers from your organization are all key to driving business performance.

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