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A team, and ultimately the enterprise are just a collection of individuals.  So the focus on individual leadership development and performance management will always be critically important.   Tune in here to find out the latest developments in these areas.  Accountability is definitely a hot topic these days.

Leadership Development

Every organization can benefit from strong, focused leaders to drive individual and team performance. Providing leaders with the skills to work well with other leaders, while inspiring those on their teams is just part of the solution. A key starting point is to assess skills and develop tailored leadership development programs aimed at helping great leaders truly excel.

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Personal Accountability

I am increasingly aware that the difference between high performers and the rest is their level of personal accountability to deliver whatever is being asked of them.  Personal accountability is a mindset and people who have it believe that they are 100% accountable for their own actions, and the consequences of those actions whether positive or negative.  Furthermore, they will drive to success no matter what stands in their way.  If you can identify individual talent with this mindset, and develop it in those who have a natural inclination toward it… anything is possible!



The work of Cy Wakeman, an author and respected expert on reality-based leadership, is well worth a look.


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Performance Management

The art and science of performance management and the systems that are designed to accomplish it continue to be of primary interest as it relates to driving individual, team and ultimately organizational performance. Individual performance management, at its core, is about ensuring that employees set and achieve goals that further the cause of achieving the defined business objectives.  While simple in theory, this has proven to be difficult in practice. So much so, that some companies are moving away from having a performance management system at all. Does the system inspire or limit performance in your organization?

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