Basic CMYKEarlier this month I had the good fortune to leave the winter weather of Chicago to speak at the CLO Exchange in southern California on the topic of branding with Chief Learning Officers and learning professionals from around the country.

The gentleman introducing me made a joke and asked me if I have the same 24 hour day as everyone else because, from his perspective, I seem to accomplish more with the 24 hours that I am given. Since all things are relative I am sure the fact is that I accomplish more than some, and less than many! But this comment got me thinking about how we each spend the 24 hours that we are given each day. And what is it that allows some people to create and sustain the energy necessary to do more, achieve more, and perform at a higher level with the same 24 hours as everyone else.

I think the root of the answer is in finding your soul’s purpose…that thing which you were placed on this earth to do…that thing about which you are passionate. Perhaps it is the years that I lived in California, or my recent trip there, that leads me to this “woo woo” metaphysical answer…but I truly believe that we can create and sustain energy to do that about which we are passionate. Think about your hobby or avocation. No matter how busy your day or week was at work, don’t you magically find the energy to play golf, shop, play the guitar, or go to the Bears game? If we have the good professional fortune to do something that we love, that is fulfilling our soul’s purpose, we magically find the energy to do more and more and more. If we can do things that we love our energy will multiply and magnify and sustain us to even higher levels.  It is when we do things that we are not passionate about or dread that our energy is drained.

Are you spending your 24 hours doing things that you love or that you dread? If it is the latter, what can you do to change your current reality? Or how can you change your mindset to love that which seems onerous now?  Or how can you move into another arena to achieve your soul’s purpose?  Only then will you find that you are able to maximize the value of the 24 hours that you are given each day.

What do you think allows some people to achieve more with their 24 hours each day than others?