Throughout my career—as both an independent consultant and an in-house organization development leader—I have worked with a range of thought leaders. Below is a list that may be helpful if you are in search of facilitators, speakers, consultants or thought partners on a project you are leading.

Douglas Brockbank, Founder, Leadership Frontiers.
Doug is a coach, facilitator, speaker and consultant who specializes in executive team effectiveness.   He stays present, creates learning opportunities, and capitalizes on breakthrough moments to drive individuals and teams to higher performance.

Ginny Clarke, Partner, AMROP Knightsbridge Executive Search. Ginny is an author, speaker and expert in the area of executive search and career management, and has a profound understanding of how global talent must be assessed and optimally deployed in varying organizational and national cultures.  Ginny’s candor, intellect and results orientation appeal to those committed to excellence and innovation.

Cheryl L Green, President, Green Resource Group, LLC. Cheryl is a consultant and executive coach committed to leadership and organization effectiveness. She work withs clients to solve leadership, team or business problems in a practical and efficient way. Cheryl has a unique and broad background in psychology, marketing, strategy and organization behavior, allowing her to bring a multi-dimensional approach to her work.

Doug Harris, CEO, The Kaleidoscope Group. Doug is a presenter, facilitator, consultant and coach with 20 years of experience in the field of diversity & inclusion. He works with senior executives of Fortune 500 organizations and empowers organizations to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. By guiding them through the creation of customized strategies that address the specific diversity needs of the business. Doug’s extensive experience in managing cultural differences extends into the global arena.

Kevin Sheridan, Author and Speaker. Kevin is an author, speaker and consultant who inspires leaders to take control of their company culture and create an engaged team.  He has been a high-level Human Capital Management consultant for nearly 30 years, most recently as the Founder, Chief Engagement Officer, Chief Consultant of HR Solutions International, specializing in teaching the “Best Practices” of Employee Engagement and the measurement thereof.

Cy Wakeman, President, Cy Wakeman Inc. Cy is a speaker, consultant, author, and trainer who has spent over 20 years cultivating a revolutionary approach to leadership. Her philosophy teaches people how to turn excuses into results and transform unhappy employees into accountable, successful members of the workforce.

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw, Co-founder, Focus Leadership. Ginny is a coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant and author who focuses on the development of the whole leader. A biophysicist by training, she combines a rich scientific background with senior leadership experience, and 30 years of training in Zen and martial arts. She was co- developer of the FEBI® (Focus Energy Balance Indicator), a powerful assessment identifying one’s preferences for four energy patterns linking mind and body.