Basic CMYK


Journals, books and articles abound. Filtering through them and finding the ones that promote new ideas or spark needed action can be tough and time-consuming.

As I come across things I will post them to share. Here are some sites that I’ve found beneficial.

Book Sites

  • GoodReads – Utilize this site to review and purchase books (see the JoinDrPam sidebar for book links and recent reviews).
  • Knowledge-BoxGreat business book site that curates top selections. You can sign up for a daily recommendation or once per week.
  • GatesNotes - Track what’s on Bill Gates’ reading list — complete with reviews by the philanthropist.

Magazines & Periodical Sites

  • Chief Learning Officer Magazine – The go-to publication for corporate learning issues–and more.
  • HR Executive Magazine – Premier publication focused on strategic HR issues.
  • Workforce – Online hub including newsletters, blogs and periodicals (such as Workforce Management) authored by thought leaders.
  • T+D – monthly periodical and online access to a host of training and development articles.